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You’ve probably heard this statement a thousand times. You need high-quality backlinks to rank your website higher on Google. It’s true. Google considers 200+ signals to rank a website or webpage and “quality backlinks” is one of them.

Leading platform for acquiring SEO tools, ahrefs.com, recently did a case study on the importance of backlinks. It discovered that sites with lots of quality backlinks rank higher than those that don’t.

What are Backlinks, anyways?

Also known as inbound or incoming links, backlinks are links created when websites out there link their content to your website. Picture this. You run a website that reviews the latest gaming laptops.

On the other hand, you have a friend who runs a website centered on the best mobile devices for gaming. If your friend recommends her audience to check out your site for gaming laptops with a link pointing to your website, that’s an example of a backlink.

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Why are Backlinks Important?

In the grand scheme of things, these are the reasons you should invest in quality inbound links:

1. Improved Ranking

As mentioned, backlinks have a direct connection with Google rankings. The search engine views backlinks as an endorsement from other website owners that your content is genuine, valuable, and authoritative.

2. Increased Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a type of score created by Moz.com. It is used to gauge how well a website or webpage is likely to perform on search engine rankings based on the quality and quantity of its backlinks. It ranges from 0-100, with the goal being to improve your website to a domain score of above 80.

3. Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is traffic generated from websites with links pointing to your content. If a site that attracts 100,000 views per day links to your site, you could easily get 1000 people visiting your site thanks to their backlink.

4. Quick Indexing

Google crawls the web looking for new content to index and rank. Its bots prioritize websites with quality content and backlinks over sites that have no backlinks at all.

5. Networking

The link-building process takes time. It also requires a lot of networking. You need to build relationships with people in your niche before you can ask them for backlinks. In the process, you can turn these relationships into networks.

6. Link Juice

There are two types of backlinks: No-follow and do-follow links. Do follow links pass something called a “link juice” to your website. Essentially, it’s a greenlight informing Google it can rank your site higher.

How to Source Quality Backlinks

We’ve already established that backlinks are essential for your website. How do you acquire them?

For starters, invest in quality content. Create such valuable content that people will link to your website naturally. To expound more, write properly researched, unique, engaging, and scannable content.

Next, build relationships with other website owners. It’s the easiest way to ask someone for a backlink and get a ‘Yes.’ Another way to source quality backlinks is to write guest posts for high Domain Authority websites. In exchange, you get rewarded with a backlink.

Got No Clue How to Source Quality Backlinks?

We understand—backlinking can be a pain in the neck. You want quality backlinks and no one wants to give them to you.

Here at Audiencr, We deal with the stress of sourcing quality backlinks so you don’t have to. Don’t worry, we’ll never use shortcuts to find backlinks. We use genuine, Google-approved tactics for linking your content on high DA websites.

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